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Eco House in Threapwood, Nr Malpas

One of the seven new houses built by Hawk Homes at Millers Park, Threapwood is an eco house with a solar PV System, Solar thermal system and air source heat pump installed by GeoGen Technologies Ltd.


The solar PV system is predicted to produce more than half the electricity required to run the air source heat pump with the solar thermal system generating enough power to heat the water throughout the summer so that the heat pump does not have to be used during these months. 


Property owners who generate their own electric & heating with solar panels or other renewable energy sources can apply for government payments available through the Feed-in tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). 


Hawk Homes’ contracts director Ian Reeves said a condition of the planning consent for the Miller Park development was that the company used 10 per cent renewable energy systems. Instead of installing renewables in all seven houses, it was decided to make one of them an eco house.


“Installing renewable energy systems in new homes definitely has great potential” he said. 

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